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Autumn 2013 Buying Trip In Japan
Here are our High Quality Kois from 2013 buying trip


 photo 1_zps87d816c8.jpg  photo 2_zps0e25b8b2.jpg  photo 3_zps1312e9c2.jpg  photo 4_zpsc165b23a.jpg  photo 5_zps3e7d8711.jpg  photo 6_zps33d57a40.jpg  photo 7_zps44e40f6a.jpg  photo 8_zps7563ed8a.jpg  photo 10_zps6a470892.jpg  photo 9_zpsfae3e3a5.jpg  photo 11_zps294bd030.jpg  photo 12_zpsf5030cd1.jpg  photo 13_zpsd1554509.jpg  photo 14_zpsc09c27f8.jpg  photo 15_zps6e81a3fe.jpg  photo 16_zpsac931588.jpg  photo 17_zpsed980894.jpg  photo 18_zps9a1b9177.jpg  photo 19_zpsd3a2fd14.jpg  photo 20_zpsa83672f4.jpg  photo 21_zpsd4b9ba8f.jpg  photo 22_zps10459821.jpg  photo 23_zps76215ed9.jpg  photo 24_zpsb321d682.jpg  photo 25_zps01baa5a4.jpg  photo 26_zps2b9566bf.jpg  photo 27_zps73dab718.jpg  photo 28_zps4ed56436.jpg  photo 29_zpsecd7566e.jpg  photo 30_zps71ec2b3b.jpg  photo 31_zps5cfdf52c.jpg  photo 32_zps4cb040d8.jpg  photo 33_zps37cc5654.jpg  photo 34_zpsc96b07b1.jpg  photo 35_zpseecfd480.jpg  photo 37_zps56f28c00.jpg  photo 38_zps63e27928.jpg  photo 39_zps6d47b3ee.jpg  photo 40_zps5423af31.jpg  photo 41_zpscf2f6915.jpg

Evolution Water Garden Pond Pump - Es2500
ES2500 - 2500 GPH
1.5" Priming Pot / Leaf Trap 1.5"x1.5"
Priming Pot 1.5" inlet & 1.5" oulet
2" Priming Pot / Leaf Trap 2"x2"
Priming Pot 2" inlet and outlet